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Squirrels organize tournaments to challenge other animals in a physics-based competition frenzy! Make daring plays alongside your teammates; grab food power-ups; and tackle your opponents to steal their nuts and beat the competition in Save Your Nuts – a multiplayer-focused party game. The squirrel's community is gathering all the animals in the park to hear the speech of their leader. - Squirrels have been oppressed for far too long! It's time for us to prove to the rest of the world our superiority and gain the respect we deserve! - That's why, I have decided to organize a new kind of competition to challenge all animals brave enough to face us in a series of sports involving dexterity, strength, strategy, and cooperation. - The ultimate champions will be declared Kings and will get our most precious reward: The EPIC NUT FROM THE TREE OF LIFE! Now, Let's the NUTLYMPIC GAMES BEGIN!


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