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Continuing the tradition of modernizing Doom, Schism brings its own unique and innovative twists. Through six years of development, it has seen massive upgrades which have, in their own right, bolstered the game to something much more than most of other Brutal Doom based projects. New classes have been added, such as the Paladin — bestowed with improved renditions of a few of Hexen's iconic relics, as well as other new and absolutely savage melee weapons — and the Sorcerer — a master elementalist with an all-obliterating, wide array of magics that make the BFG9000 look utterly flaccid. The classic UAC Marine recieved multiple new firearms designed to round out his arsenal. All classes can use firearms, though only the UAC Marine can use all of them. Despite these massively powerful additions, Schism is not a power fantasy. New, much more dangerous foes await the heroes, while the pre-existing roster was rebalanced.


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