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Schrodinger's Cat Experiment is a Brazilian indie game in pixel art that combines brain-teasing puzzles with enchanting aesthetics and feline charm. Dead or alive? The cat's fate is in your hands. Welcome my little science enthusiast! Imagine the fantastical scenario of Schrodinger's Cat Experiment! We place a poor feline soul inside a sealed box along with a vial of poison, a radioactive source and a Geiger counter device that is sensitive to a quantum event, like the decay of a radioactive atom, connected to a hammer. If decay is detected, it activates the next stage of the experiment. Triggered by the device, a mechanism is activated and the hammer may be released, leading to the breaking of the vial and potential harm to the cat. Until you dare to open the box, the cat exists in this fantastical state where it's both alive and dead at the same time. So, embrace the madness, my little one, as we venture into the quantum circus of uncertainty!


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