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Bring new thrills and tactics to your Voyages with Sea of Thieves Season 12's audacious assortment of weapons and tools, all available to deploy from April 30th, 2024! Sea of Thieves Season 12 adds two new weapons in Double-Barrel Flintlock Pistol and Throwing Knives. The Double-Barrel Flintlock Pistol, as the name suggests, can fire two bullets in either rapid succession or both at the same time. It is said to be designed for more close-range combat. Throwing Knives, meanwhile, are very versatile as they have three ways to attack. You can either use them to do a melee stab, which can be charged or uncharged, as well as for a range-throwing attack. Sea of Thieves Season 12 is confirmed to add several new tools to the game, so here is the list of everything that will be added: - Scattershot: A new type of ammunition that fires four small cannonballs in a short range but widespread. - Bone Caller: A new throwable that can spawn three skeletons that’ll aid you in battle. - Wind Caller: A shell that can, as the name suggests, call wind. It can be used to speed your ships, blow the timber out of your foes, prevent fall damage, and so much more. Besides these tools, there will be two neat QoL additions: - Ziplines: New ziplines will be added across the map. - Harpoon line travel: The rope that you create with your harpoon can now be walked, but beware, you’ll have to balance or you’ll fall off.


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