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Sea Salt is an action strategy hybrid, where you are Dagon, The Old God, the eldritch force of the sea, summoning unfathomable horrors from the sea to calin vengeance on the religious figures who have dared to defy you, and anyone else that stands in your way. For years Dagon was willing to offer humanity fair winds for their fishing vessels in exchange for their prayers, and a sacrifice when the time came. The humans were happy to enjoy the riches and prosperity provided by Dagon. They knew the price, but cowardice overtook their faith when the time came to collect their debts. The Bishop of the new faith defied Dagon’s will so the horrors of the deep salt veins of the sea will emerge to claim what is theirs. Command an unruly swarm of nightmarish creatures, cultists and horrors in this new single player indie action real time strategy hybrid. A multitude of monstrous followers are waiting to be unlocked and summoned as you progress through a gothic dark fantasy story. Use terrain to surround your enemies, fear and the element of surprise will be your weapons when overcoming bloodthirsty hunters and tenacious bosses on the way to claiming your true sacrifice. "Over ashen mountains the village fisherman looks at the gleaming gold peaked towers of the grand cathedral as he feels his net filling. He silently thanks the high bishop and Dagon for all that they've done for them He comes home to the smell of fish stew and mold. His wife cradles a pale newborn that was graced with then fingers and ten toes, all interconnected by a film of skin. They hold hands and silently pray for the prosperity of the great city... ...and Dagon"


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