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Sefirot Shards - a turn-based strategy game with RPG and CCG elements, imbued with the spirit of classic fantasy.Plunge into a world where the gods are playing their deadly game. Gather a squad and solve all the secrets that Sefirot has prepared for you. The world in Sefirot Shards consists of many levitating shards, each of which is unique and represents a well-developed location. Among them, you can find city-states, small settlements that live their own lives, fragments where the undead reign, and some do not obey either logic or physics at all. The player will have to explore them together with his squad, simultaneously pumping various skills and increasing the level of skill. The game has a full-fledged epic story, where tragedy and humor are intertwined, scale and personal drama, depth and intrigue. But most importantly, the player can influence the course of the plot. So enough of the text-forward to the secrets of the fragments of Sephiroth!


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