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Humanity wants her dead, and a godlike alien AI wants to use her as a puppet. Take control of SH1-R0 and fight through challenging enemies on two fronts to prevent catastrophe. Explore high security facilities to upgrade your abilities and challenge the most advanced forces of two civilizations. "Boot Successful." Awoken by a quake of unknown origin, a lone android opens her eyes in the depths of a top-secret laboratory. Why is it so empty? Why are these doors... locked? The silence is... deafening. SH1-R0 follows a rogue android through the story of her two-sided conflict caused by the mistakes of an eons-dead alien race, and the ambitions of humans that are on the verge of repeating them. As a highly advanced combat android, string together earth-shaking combos to crush waves of enemies while you explore labyrinthine high-security facilities all over Earth... and from beyond the stars. Your combat abilities are unimpeded by the length of your weapon. Pick your fighting style and bring enemies down to your own turf or take the fight to them! Unlock advanced movement abilities to reach new areas, and blaze through familiar ones with blinding speed. Dash, climb, crawl, and wall-jump, your exploration arsenal is fully-loaded. Explore mazelike laboratories, high-tech military posts, and ocean-borne floating utopias with sprawling pathways, doors, and puzzles. The map doesn't tell the full story! From desolated laboratories to alien military space stations, every pixel of the environment is hand-crafted to bring SH1-R0's immersive storyline to life. Meet a broad cast of characters both friend and foe, and sometimes in between. Keep your wits about you, not everyone has you in their best interests.


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