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An outcast with a fearful power ventures out into the unknown world to save her father and herself. Shadows of Adam is a unique take on a classic genre. A retro JRPG built for the modern era. A specter haunts the small, remote village of Adam. It is the ghost of its dour hero, Orazio, who set out 10 years ago without explanation and never returned, leaving his son and adopted daughter to wrestle with the dark secret he left behind. A secret that must now be revealed if the children hope to save their departed father, though its revelation could unhinge the world. Shadows of Adam is a 16-bit era, character-driven JRPG with an indie soul. Players will journey through a vivid and mysterious world and take on a cast of comical and brutal foes in fast-paced battles. Navigate your way through treacherous dungeons such as the ominous Tangle, dizzying Wind Tower, or foreboding Haunted Swamp. Each dungeon is designed with innovative puzzles and unique game play to keep the player captivated and coming back for more. Prepare for a slippery slope of twists and turns all the way as our characters find themselves on a path to an epic conclusion!


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