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Slipstream is a racing game influenced and inspired by the OutRun series, SEGA games in general, Initial D, Vaporwave & Synthwave aesthetics and the spirit of 90s arcades. It uses a real pseudo3D engine to provide an authentic retro experience in a modern shell. After being funded via kickstarter in 2016 and delayed more times than the developer would like to admit, it was released independently for PC in 2018. After a somewhat troubled development period that lasted for more than two years since the successful Kickstarter campaign, back in January 2016, the game is finally ready to hit the road. Inspired by the games, sounds and visuals of the late 80s and early 90s, Slipstream takes its basic formula from the arcade classic OutRun: a road trip across exotic landscapes around the world, with branching paths at the end of each stage allowing the player choose the next destination. The driving gameplay gets an additional layer of depth from two core mechanics, drifting, which is required to get around tight corners, and the gameâ€s namesake, the slipstream, a risky maneuver that gives the player a speed boost if pulled off right. But it wouldn't be a racing game without actual competitive racing, and in Slipstream, it comes in three flavors. In Arcade Mode, the player will be challenged, in each stage, to a one-on-one duel with a rival driver from a colorful cast of characters. Quick Race Mode is exactly what it says on the tin, a single race in any of the gameâ€s 20 tracks. And, last but not least, Grand Prix Mode is a season of five races back to back, with scoreboards and money prizes used to upgrade the car. Slipstream runs on a real pseudo3D custom game engine. That is: it uses good old-fashioned 2D sprite scaling to give the impression of depth, but there are no 3D models or “real” 3D graphics of any kind in the game. Itâ€s made to look and feel exactly like the games from the past, including some engine quirks, but taking advantage of the extra power of modern platforms to add conveniences such as a smooth 60fps framerate and texture filtering. The exclusive soundtrack was also created using real synthesizers from the era, such as the Yamaha DX-21, to make the game sound as authentic as it looks. With vibrant pixel art graphics, powerful synth music and uncompromising gameplay, Slipstream aims to fulfill retro gamers' thirst for an old school arcade racer while also being modern enough to satisfy younger players.


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