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The “Xuan-Yuan Sword” is an epic oriental RPG series with 25 years of history.It elaborates on the very heart of this series, the idea of "one, looking at the same thing from different angles, may come to different conclusions. " through a variety of historical incidents in different times. Features : 1. New facial animation and lip-sync systems to enhance facial expression and animation. 2. New MVN motion capture system that creates real-time character animation. 3. Real-time combat to make the combat look much more realistic, intense, and diverse. 4. New Battle field System to make the game much more fun and enjoyable to play. 5. New Cauldron System (the Urn of Spirit Infusion) to synthesize demons as well as refine or even upgrade their equipments to a better one. 6. New Guardian System to enable players to capture demons and use them in the game as a combat companion. 7. New Talisman system that will add additional buffs to players when equipped. In ancient times, the Heavenly Emperor opened the Gate of Firmament, connecting the Heavens and Earth. Mortals could ascend to the Gate to obtain divine power in order to assist in the search for the Emperor's missing daughter. Unscrupulous individuals took advantage of the Emperor's gesture, and caused the mortal world to descend into chaos. The lives of the common folk were filled with anxiety and weariness. The god Fuxi and the goddess Nüwa took pity on the people, and along with Zhuanxu, convinced the Queen of Huaxu (華胥之主, based on Lady Huaxu 華胥氏) to close the Gate forcibly with great sacrifice. After this, no one could reach the Heavens through the Gate, and no god could go to the mortal world; thus came about the Isolation of the Heavens and Earth (Jueditiantong 絕地天通). Time passed, and the mortal realm suffered due to disasters and endless conflicts over claims to rule, embroiled in political instability and riotous events. At this time of unrest and warfare, a Heavenly entity descends, adding to the unsolved mysteries of the troubled world. The story revolves the journeys and adventures of Sikong Yu (司空宇), a young man whose goal is to protect his nomadic Youxiong village (有熊村), which consists of descendants of the Yellow Emperor, Muyue (沐月), a mysterious woman claiming to be from the legendary Kingdom of Huaxu (華胥) whose distant behavior makes her seem unapproachable, Feng Yu (鳳煜), a jovial and cunning traveler with ties to royal House of Shang, and Zi Qiao (子巧), a royal high priestess of the Zi Kingdom who is betrothed to the Shang prince and possesses tremendous strength as well as an insatiable appetite. Together, they fight to bring the nefarious plots of a mysterious group of conspirators consisting of the followers of Gong Gong (共工), the water god who had been sealed away for his violent actions, led by his second-in-command Xiang Liu (相柳), as well as Qing Yu (青榆), the avatar of the World Tree Jian Mu (建木) who has been driven by hatred for humans and vengeance against those of the Xuan-Yuan bloodline as well as his former lover Lan Ling (藍鈴), to an end before ruin befalls the world.




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