A light RPG approach for Far Cry New Dawn

Written 28th Jan 2019 by GameGator

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The latest release in the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry New Dawn takes place 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5 and is supposedly updating the game's core mechanics by adding RPG elements - which is a first for the series.


During a Question and Answer session on Twitter, Creative Director of the game, Jean-Sebastien Decant revealed that more depth will be added to Far Cry New Dawn by incorporating RPG elements. Players can now craft guns with ranks, and some enemies will also have ranks like other RPG games. As a result, the rank of your weapon will play a huge role in how you defeat these ranked enemies. Your attacks will have hit point counters to show how much damage you are dealing to the ranked enemies, who now also have health bars.

Far Cry New Dawn stealth kill
Choose to take out your enemies stealthily, or go in all guns blazing.

Squeezing vs. Base Building

Outposts have always been a significant part of Far Cry games, and Jean-Sebastien Decant also revealed that outposts in Far Cry New Dawn will have RPG elements with a brand-new levelling system. The outposts will have ranks that indicate the level of difficulty of infiltrating them.

Furthermore, you can decide to squeeze outposts for resources and leave them vacant for enemies to reclaim. Ubisoft dubbed this the Escalation System. If you squeeze outposts, it will be tougher to reclaim them next time, but you'll get more resources. However, the enemies will not only put more resources and place better defences in the outpost, but they will also have upgraded weapons and armour, so you'll be up for a tougher fight.

Instead of squeezing an outpost, you can also choose to erect your base and spend resources on upgrades and expansions. This will allow people to move into your new base and you'll get some rewards as the base develops.

Far Cry New Dawn brawler attack
Craft and upgrade weapons by earning higher ranks.

Timber vs. Boomer

Moreover, players will have a new canine partner called Timber. Timber is a nice-looking pup that can ride along with you in your vehicles, useful for finding scarce resources in the game. Overall, the RPG elements are not that heavy, as it seems Ubisoft wants to gradually ease players into this new gameplay style. You can even disable the UI options instead of viewing hit points for a purer FPS experience. Fitting to the game title, it's nice to see the Far Cry franchise shift in a new direction. We'll see what this bodes for Far Cry New Dawn and the Far Cry Franchise in general.

Far Cry New Dawn will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 15. It is a post-apocalyptic, open-world game with similarities to games like the upcoming Rage 2 and previously released Mad Max and Fallout 4.

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