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Written 1st May 2018 by GameGator

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What a wild ride! In the meantime, we all know of God of War being a massive hit, with the restart of the series succeeding all expectations. While critics and fans are still laying in each other's arms, the developers of Studio Santa Monica are already working on sequels for their masterpiece. While, especially after its success, a sequel might not come as too much of a surprise, what's surprising is, that there are said to come more than 5!

If you own a PlayStation 4, chances are high, you already played God of War on it. The exclusive title for Sony's console is breaking all records and is equally popular with critics and fans alike. While most of the players are still exploring the Nordic world of God of War, the developers already have plans for possible sequels.

Game Director Gory Barlof has enclosed with Kotaku, that he is already forging more games in his mind. There are supposed to be five more God of War games. Well, at least if Sony plays along and the fans want more and more. Development should also go faster and less stressful from now on, as they have a foundation which they can build on.

It should almost be set in stone by now, that there will be a sequel to the current God of War, as the success gives the developers enough wind to carry on. Maybe, there will also be spin-offs next to the main part, which then put other characters (like Atreus) at the centre of the story.

Time will tell!



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