Survival mode, Battle Royale in Counter-Strike?

Written 4th Dec 2018 by GameGator

Survival mode, Battle Royale in Counter-Strike? Thumbnail

This Wednesday, we are likely to see a major update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Rumours have it that this could be a much-awaited survival mode, with the official Counter-Strike Twitter account asking their followers the following question:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tweet Announcement
A tweet announcing something special this Wednesday.

In addition, the social media account changed its logo colours - now featuring a red-black symbol.

Rumours about a survival mode have been mentioned sporadically in the course of the recent months. Last being a leaked Steam message suggesting a similar mode currently being tested on the Blacksite map.

Furthermore, lines like "+CSSCompoundBow" or "+Adrenaline.Shot", in addition to supply drops, drones and various armour were found in older Counter-Strike updates - obviously leading to one question:

Will Counter-Strike include a Battle Royale mode?

Should Battle Royale actually be added in the form of a new operation, the developers will have to adjust the gameplay of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive properly to meet the standards of Battle Royale - even if it has a smaller number of players than the genre-typical 100 opponents.

However, this wouldn't be the first connection being made between Counter-Strike and Battle Royale, as a similar game variant with a huge map was already introduced some time ago.

As the last operation ended in November 2017, it's definitely time for a new event with more maps, challenges or modes. If you don't own the game yet, you can get Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheap here.