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Netflix for Games: Amazon on cloud gaming

Netflix for Games: Amazon on cloud gaming

Netflix for Games: Amazon on cloud gaming Thumbnail

There are signs that Amazon may want to offer game streaming as early as 2020. In the future, first-class games will be able to be played by anyone who has a smartphone or other streaming-enabled device. Cloud gaming is a service in which players do not download a game themselves, but have it executed on powerful servers in the cloud and then stream it.

Picture of iPhone with apps.
Playing first-class games might be possible on your phone sooner than you think.

Amazon subscription for games

Amazon now wants to set up a kind of subscription service for video games similar to Netflix - or its own Amazon Prime Video. While Amazon does not confirm these rumours, several job listings suggest that the information is correct. Amazon has furthermore already contacted game publishers to consider publishing their content on its planned streaming service.

But Amazon is not on its own with this idea. Sony has owned PlayStation Now for several years, which allows you to stream more than 250 PS4 games. Google has also announced the streaming service called Project Stream, last year. At the same time, Microsoft has announced its intention to enter the video game industry with Project xCloud and Nvidia is also in the market with Geforce Now. The problem with most of these services, however, is that the Internet supply is simply not yet sufficient in most places to avoid packet losses and thus delays. In addition, the latencies vary depending on how close the servers are located.

Amazon Alexa
Amazon already sells widely spread products, like the Amazon Alexa.

Why Amazon might have advantages over its competition:

Not only does the company have access to a wide range of Internet customers through its large online shop, in addition, the online giant also has a 32% market share in the global cloud computing industry. For comparison: Microsoft has 17%, Google 8%.

One must also remember, that Amazon has long been a big player in the field of video games: the company owns the largest live streaming platform for games, Twitch, which might be able to set them ahead of the competition - the company can rely on a loyal gaming community.

Alexa, get me the cheapest deal for Battlefield 5!

While this voice command might not be working on Amazon's popular Alexa voice service yet, you can always trust us to get you the cheapest price on the web: Battlefield 5 cheap.

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