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Disney Activity Center: Disney's 102 Dalmatians is a game for children aged four and up based on the 2000 movie 102 Dalmatians. Set in London and Paris players can do different types of activities selected from a city map. Many parts of the map can be clicked to receive information about famous sightseeing locations and historical buildings. London has the Chow Time mini-game where hungry pups need to be fed as an arcade game. A character needs to be moved near the top of the screen, sliding food down one of the four long vertical tables when a puppy appears. The food needs to reach the puppy before they reach the kitchen or a live is lost. The game keeps track of high scores. In the art gallery, a custom picture can be created using backgrounds, stickers, colours, characters and illustrations. You can also adopt a puppy and play with it through actions such as feeding or taking it to the park to meet other dogs and play fetch. There are four international parks to visit including Tokyo. In Paris, there is a detective mini-game involving locating missing puppies. It can be played with one or two players. This is done by gathering clues from the Parisian Twilight Bark gang of dogs. The answers they provide a stored in a notebook and the player needs to compare these with the description provided about the missing dogs to identify the correct one. Elements include the breed and origin, colour, size, and types of hair and ears. In Le Pelt's bakery, a platform game can be played controlling Oddball. He needs to collect all puppies before Cruella, Alonzo, or Le Pelt capture her. The villains can be slowed down by throwing frosting, butter and jelly at them, collected as power-ups.


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