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Updated every Friday with new stories, items, quests, monsters and more! Join thousands online and defend the world from Drakath and his 13 Chaos Lords. Team with your friends and take on challenging bosses to get rare rewards! With a storyline that updates weekly, our very first MMO always has something new for you to do, epic loot to collect, and other heroes to battle with... or against! The player enters the game arriving at Oaklore Keep while it is under siege by an undead army led by Sepulchure, the leader of the world's forces of Evil. Sepulchure advances towards the capital of Swordhaven, the seat of King Alteon the Good. Drakath, the Champion of Chaos, interrupts and attacks them both, corrupting them. Sepulchure taunts that he cannot be killed, so Drakath extracts his core and smashes it, destroying him; his daughter screams from his flying fortress. Drakath shoots down the flying fortress, proclaims the era of Good and Evil to be over, and ushers in the Age of Chaos.


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