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Blockville is a peaceful stylized city building simulation game where you can relax and build a city inspired by the toys you all used to play with when you were young. Now you have an excuse to play again as an adult in this stylized city sim. Blockville is cel shaded hybrid relaxing city builder with a twist. It takes inspiration from your childhood toys to create a colorful and compelling immersive experience. Sit back and relax while you create a vibrant town with all the tools at your disposal. The goal of Blockville is to just enjoy a stylised city sim without pressure. Full day and night cycle Blockville has a complete day night simulation that blockvillians live in. They will need to sleep and work during the day! Fully Dynamic Weather and Seasons Blockville goes through all four seasons, enjoy the passing of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer! Design your town with different types of homes As your population grows, your Blockvillians will want nicer homes. Grow the town and provide the homes they desire. Grow your towns population When Blockvillians are happy the population will grow! Make sure they have different foods, entertainment and the needs they desire to keep your town growing. Create road and train networks to transport Blockvillians Use a large array of pieces to create a transport network. Allow blockvillians to get to work and travel by building roads, train tracks and airports! Grow food for your Blockvillians on their farms Blockville has a variety of foods to grow in order to keep your population happy!


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