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Immerse yourself in the dangerous world of America’s Wild West – as you encounter famous historical events of the late 1800’s and come up against some of the amazing inventions of this period. Bounty Train aims to bring back the “good old days” of steam railways, bandit attacks and cross-country rail journeys to life in a survival-railroad simulation unlike any other. As young Walter, the son of a railroad tycoon, you start off with everything good in life, and have it quickly stripped away. That means it’s up to you to preserve the family’s legacy as rail tycoon, working to connect both coasts of America via a trans-continental railroad. But, it’s never as simple as it sounds, and you’ll face plenty of competition, from other rail barons to local bandits, angry Native tribes and much more. In Bounty Train, you’ll learn all about managing a train – from buying the best steam engines you can afford, to keeping them fueled and in good repair as you race from town to town, delivering cargo and completing tasks for your “clients.” And don’t forget, there’s always someone looking to steal your cargo or even your train, so you’ll want to hire a hardy crew of gunslingers.


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