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"Call of Duty: United Offensive" is an expansion pack for the original "Call of Duty" (2003), developed by Gray Matter Interactive and published by Activision. Building on the intense World War II combat of the base game, "United Offensive" introduces new campaigns that expand the player's experience of the European Theater. Players take on the roles of American, British, and Soviet soldiers in three new interconnected campaigns, participating in iconic battles such as the Battle of the Bulge, the invasion of Sicily, and the struggle for Kharkov. The expansion features enhanced gameplay with new weapons, vehicles, and multiplayer modes, adding depth and variety to the combat experience. "United Offensive" is praised for its larger, more dynamic battlefields and its focus on teamwork and strategy. With improved graphics and sound design, it delivers a gripping and immersive wartime experience, making it a compelling addition to the "Call of Duty" series.


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