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Captain Kaon is a twin-stick gravity shooter with a retro style, inspired by 80's classics. Pilot a gunship across the solar system, battling the evil machinations of Doctor Quantex! Captain Kaon pairs vibrant Amiga-style pixel art with a tight twin-stick control mechanic. Relive this forgotten shmup sub-genre! The Earth Interstellar Navy is in the far off Regulus Sector, at war with an alien race called the Drullz. Only the Home Defence Fleet is left to protect the Earth, but it is a sorry collection of out of date, broken down, ships. When Doctor Quantex strikes, these antiques are all that stand between him and total dominion over the solar system. Fresh out of the academy and assigned to the decrepit Argus, flagship of the Home Defence Fleet, Captain Talia 'Kaon' will do everything she can to prove her mettle. Driven by a desire to protect others after losing her family to a Drullz attack, she is desperate to join the war in Regulus. Now she has a different threat to face as the forces of Doctor Quantex ravage the solar system.


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