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About Cardinal Cross

Cardinal Cross is a sci-fi cyberpunk themed otome visual novel game. The game features 80+ backgrounds, 50+ side characters, and 70+ CGs. Lana has 3 different personality choices, as well as 2 male and 1 female romance options, with multiple endings. Will Lana emerge as hero or villain? We are Raiders Divided, autonomous, uninvited Misery is our neighbor Pain, our kin When small-time Raider Scavenger Lana Brice meets her mysterious client, she has a sudden realization: her life just took a very wrong turn in the worst way possible. A storm is brewing... Being forced to join a stranger's fight raises a mess of complex feelings in Lana. Generations of oppression and injustice, the bittersweet bonds of family and the pull of ethics: it’s a brooding volcano that threatens to erupt. Cardinal Cross cannot be stopped... But will Lana’s careless adventure spark a Galactic disaster? Will she be hailed as a hero or reviled as an anarchist?


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