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Destiny’s Sword is a Living-Narrative Graphic Adventure. Explore distant worlds, forge friendships and lead your troops through an epic adventure. In a future where bodies can be healed in minutes, the wounds technology can't conquer are within the mind. In Destiny’s Sword you’re the commander of a team of skilled troopers - and the only thing that can get in their way is themselves. Every recruit has their own story to tell, their own reasons for getting involved. Their experiences while under your command will shape their development and affect their performance. As you get to know your squad on and off the battlefield you will explore the full depth of the human condition. Empathy will be your most powerful tool. The galaxy rests on a knife’s edge. The Galactic Government struggles to maintain control against the growing strength of the powerful corporate syndicate known as the Consortium. Neither side is prepared for open conflict, but when unrest in a distant world threatens the flow of Lucidium, the mineral that fuels the galaxy, the two sides find their battleground. This natural paradise is called Cypris. On Cypris players will choose a faction and take their stand. Leading a squadron of soldiers into battle, players will navigate the effects of their decisions on their troops’ mental and physical well-being. What at first looks to be a simple fight between good and evil plays out with twists and turns as players learn that the situation is not as clear-cut as it seems. Discovery, betrayal, advancement, and camaraderie with their squad will lead players to learn the truth of what is happening on Cypris and who is really pulling the strings, forcing everyone to dance to a tune that will topple the current powers and install a new one…


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