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Krisalis Software’s gripping isometric squad-based sci-fi action RPG follows your team of four explorers as they trek through the dark environments of the Weapons Research Facility to uncover the mystery of what went wrong. On the three planets of the Magna 6 system you have set up a modest research facility. Nothing too extreme, just a few personnel, a Galaxy-class space station and the most powerful weapons development faciltiy the Universe has ever known. But now you have a problem. The regular daily contact schedule on the sub-space station network with Magna 6 has gone a bit quiet. Well, silent actually. In fact, you have had no word from the facility in 2 months. You need to send trusted yet expendable men in to get answers and crry out a discreet efficient operation. Pick your four man team and "Deep Sleep", the cryogenic computer will keep them in suspended animation until they arrive at Magna 6, an interestellar journey of almost 17 months. And then wait for their report. But what possible explanation could there be for toruble on Magna 6 - there is no power in the universe capable of disturbing the facility. The known universe, that is.


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