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Build an underground network of caves in this fantasy-themed management sim. In a faraway fantasy kingdom, everything was peaceful... Until monsters started pouring out of a hole in the ground! Put together a team of adventurers to secure, explore, and develop a vast underground network of caves in this cavern management simulator. Your adventurers will face all kinds of challenges in the underground, but there's no obstacle you can't deal with if you know how. Place torches to light up the darkness, build bridges to traverse gorges, and use explosives to clear away large rocks! To create a truly great cave, you'll have to stay on your toes and pay attention to the time of day. When the sun's up, organize your miners to discover new areas and build new fixtures. And when night falls, send in your adventurers to show those monsters who's boss! The deeper you dig, the better the treasure you'll find - just how deep can you go? All that fame can come at a price. As your cave becomes more popular, thieves will appear to try and make off with its treasures. Keep your booty safe by laying devious traps around the entrance! Not all monsters are bad. Some of them might even become your friends and fight alongside you! Once you make an entire floor safe, merchants will be able to move in and set up shop there. With a cut of the profits for you, of course! Keep developing the space and earning gold, and pretty soon you'll have the finest cave in all the land!


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