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Dark Swords: Fire link is a 2D metroidvania game with a large locations to explore, fight with a lot creatures and epic bosses, and greats skills and power-ups to acquire. Have some of the better features that defines the 8/16-bits era, games like Ninja Gaiden, Super Ghost and Ghouls, Megaman, Castlevania and Super Metroid. Also, it gets inspired by the Dark Souls series, Hollow Knight and Blasphemous. Iggrand, a land where humans rule and have remained since their arrival on Crete. Upon encountering the primordial fire, wars again led to the near annihilation of mankind. From this time we speak of the dark swords, the most powerful of the kingdom of Lordhem, with which almost conquered the entire continent, only to fall under the rebellion of the united kingdoms and lose the power once obtained. Firelink is the heiress of the dark sword left by her grandfather Fianor, which she had never wielded until her village Osthem was attacked by a host of creatures commanded by a huge demon. Firelink then, wields the sword to save the village by repelling the attack, and then embarks on a journey to seek revenge on the attackers and eliminate any threat that may be looming over Osthem. During the journey, she begins to understand the power of the sword, its influence on her intensifies and she manages to play an important role in the fate of Iggrand and the events that are about to unfold.


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