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Marine adventure set in the mysterious Blue Hole. Explore the sea with Dave by day, and run a sushi restaurant at night. Uncover the secrets of the Blue Hole, and unwrap this deep sea mystery involving three friends, each with distinct personalities. New adventures await. Former arms dealer Cobra, discovers that every time he enters the Blue Hole the ecology and terrain change. He sees a money making opportunity. Cobra convinces the ever-optimistic Dave (the playable protagonist) and Bancho, a sushi chef who specializes in cooking rare sea creatures, to open a sushi restaurant near this Blue Hole. While investigating the interior of the Blue Hole at the request of archeologist Bacon, Dave discovers that the descendants of ancient Sea People, who still live in the deep sea, are under threat. Realizing that this will be catastrophic to not only the hidden village of the Sea People, but also to the Earth itself, Dave dives deeper to search for a solution to the problem.


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