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A new indie game Devoid of Shadows is a 3D action-role-playing game in a vampires’ fantasy world! This is a role-playing game containing the elements of classic roguelikes, advanced crafting system, its own castle and an intriguing storyline. You will become the heir (or heiress) of Galidon, once the Kingdom’s strongest vampire, who took refuge from the rebels in a mysterious and spooky Blood Labyrinth during a palace coup. Your task is to find the source of ancient Power and uncover the secrets of the Labyrinth. Random generation Our game has inherited random generation of the game world from the "roguelikes", i.e. the look and content of the Labyrinth will be unique in each new game: floors maps, monsters, treasures and hiding places, and even properties of found and created objects will be randomly generated by you. Each time you'll get a unique experience and find new ways to your goal. Such unusual behavior of the Labyrinth is justified by the plot - it was created by the Ancients, the ancestor of the vampires’ genus who turned it to his hiding place in a real trap for intruders. The mines of precious gems and prison catacombs, deserted caves and ancient treasuries – one can hardly understand what the Labyrinth was before it was liked by the Ancient, so many things are mixed in it ... «Vampire» improvement Vampire skills (19 unique skills for each of 3 characters) and their improvement is tied to the blood power received by your character from murdered enemies. You may use valuable points to open the "Reinforced vampirism" or improve the "Cleave" tested by time and fallen enemies? Or, to reserve and use them for a powerful "Bloody madness" when being desperate? You decide! The parameters of your character can be also developed by your own, investing them with the points received as the level increases. Your own castle As a gift from your mentor, the court artist Aurelius Kassad, you get a picture of the castle. It is not simple, but magical picture, because you can always be within it! Yes, you will have your own "pocket" castle, where you can build shops, store stuff, carry out alchemical experiments or sleep in a cozy coffin, restoring your forces. Be engage in crafting! At your disposal is a forge, an armor workshop, a joinery, an alchemical laboratory, a library etc. Crafting system There are hundreds of objects in Devoid of Shadows. Weapon, equipment, potions, scrolls, various components and catalysts for crafting, tools - all these are ordinary objects and legendary artifacts of different levels and quality and rarity. And each object can be created and improved the castle, in one of the workshops! If you are not satisfied with found Battle Tome, run to the Library, where you can improve it by increasing the basic parameters of the weapon, or charm, giving it new properties. For example, to change the type of damage, add the ability to stun or pull the enemy’s vital forces in the attack. The book can be explored, and you may get the recipe for its creation. Having patience, resources and luck, you can create any number of books with properties and parameters required precisely to you. It is easy! The same applies to potions, scrolls, and other items of equipment and weapons. Moreover - in the shops you can whittle a new, more comfortable coffins, increase the size of your inventory, and create a set of master keys, catalysts to enhance craft. Your every action will fill the Excellence scale. What is Excellent? It is rush of inspiration, through which you can create truly rare and high-quality items you wish! A little bit about the plot Do not forget that you have to try on the heir’s the role belonging to the ancient vampire genus! So, you are looking forward to the palace intrigues and coups, insane inhabitants of the Labyrinth and explorers of its secrets, the search for missing father, the secrets of the Ancient - more than tens of quests, which will help learn more about the Devoid of Shadows world and be fond of it. Of course the finale is unexpected and intriguing — there is no way to escape it! Stay with us, in the “Devoid of Shadows” world! A human vs. a Vampire! What is stronger: cunning or the strength of genus? You will not about it in the Labyrinth of Blood, the dark dungeon full of vampires and monsters. You will have to be a Vampire of the Royal Blood, who appears in the horrible labyrinth saving his life from the murderers. The Labyrinth hides the source of the ancient Power, once belonging to the founder of the whole vampire genus. The deeper you go the more ancient mysteries open to you.


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