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Dracula Twins is a platformer created by the creators of The Three Musketeers. We set off on a journey to the dark world, known for its horrors, to play one of the two children of Count Dracula. While the Dracula family was neatly tucked away in their cozy little crypt, Dr. Lifelust attacked their Transylvanian castle and kidnapped the old Count! The twins, Drac and Dracana, barely managed to escape. Now the evil doctor has taken control of the castle and installed his evil machines and army of vampire hunters there. Not only that, but the evil doctor have also resurrected a horde of undead that are now lurking in the surrounding graveyards! It’s up to Drac and his twin-sister Dracana to bite back and save their father, defend their land, and recover their castle from the undead. The evil doctor Lifelust and his minions must be defeated. Luckily, the twins have each other and their magic weapons…


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