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Get ready for a brand new adventure RPG on Game Boy, Indie Developer SpaceBot Interactive brings you the eagerly awaited Dragonborne. Travel through the region of Argon as Kris, in search of your missing father Kurtis, the greatest dragon slayer the region has ever known. Dragonborne is made with GB Studio and features a turn based battle system, various mini quests and puzzles that you must complete to progress through the game. Fight your way to each of the dragon caves to face your fears and overcome the challenges that stand in your way. Are you tough enough to find your father and save the region before the dragon's awake from their slumber? 6-7 hours of gameplay, puzzles, dungeons, multiple enemies, various weapon and armour upgrades, character zapping system, ranking system dependent on how you finish the game, various collectibles, mini quests, multiple endings and much more!!​ It seemed like a normal day in the region of Argon, a young boy was sleeping, dreaming a recurring dream, of a day that he can't quite remember, but something always tells him, he is lucky to be alive. Kris is woken by his mother Helena in a panic, his father Kurtis, who is the guardian of Argon and the greatest dragon slayer the region has ever known, is missing.... Helena pleads with Kris to look for his father, however this is a dangerous time of year, this is the month that the dragons, that have been sealed within the four manmade dragon caves, awake from their slumber.... Their power causes many types of monsters to appear, so Kris must take courage and learn to overcome his foes quickly.... Kris grabs his spear and sets off to find his father, along the way he find out some truth about what happened that day from his dream and learns what he is truly capable of....


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