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Maybe it was the curse of the black lilies that bloomed early in the winter - A girl falls in love with a girl before graduation. Her pure feelings are torn apart by a "tragic loop". You will weave her feelings by interrupting choices and typing letters. It may have been the curse of the black lilies that bloomed early in the winter--. It has been 18 years since the new and threatening virus "CLII," which killed more than 50% of minors, was completely contained. People have completely regained their normal lives, but it has left a huge mark and problem in the society.... Hana Sasamori is a third-year student at Naeshiro High School in Sapporo. She is a quiet girl, but inside she is always in a hurry. With only a few days left until graduation, Hana finds herself repeating the same day over and over again. Yes, that's right. I like you ......." Hana strongly wishes for the happiness of "Jyu-chan" who saved her in the past. Hana thinks, "I'm sure this feeling will make Trees happy. I'm sure this feeling won't make you happy. ...... I thought I would put a lid on it and end it with "adolescent whimsy," as something I shouldn't admit. However, that realization led to a deep, deep "curse".... This is a story of love that weaves between two people in order to persist through such "love" and "curse".


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