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This classic returns to consoles for the first time in nearly a decade, and comes to PlayStation for the first time ever. Fight in dual campaign during the Great War of Celenheim in this enhanced and upgraded version of the beloved medieval action combat game. Begin your campaign as a soldier of the Light, defending Celenheim from forces of darkness and the horrid demon king Vatar. Change sides and complete an alternative campaign as a minion of the dark tasked with infiltrating and destroying the Enclave you just sough to protect. Twelve different classes and multiple weapon options create great deployability as you descent dungeons, complete missions, and vanquish your enemies. Centuries passed since the Great Wizard Vale sacrificed himself to save Celenheim from the hands of Vatar and his legions of Dreg'Atar. The Enclave, the last bastion of the side of light, remained safe enclosed by fortress walls and bottomless chasms. However, the land is beginning to heal and the cliff sides are knitting together. The Shadow forces seek to reignite the war that almost destroyed Celenheim and steal the sacred magic held within the walls of the Enclave. It is up to keep the light from being extinguished.


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