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Return to the glory days of sidescrolling beat-em-ups, courtesy of developers Team2Bit and Adult Swim Games. The sinister Milkman holds the city of San Cruces in his nasty criminal grip, and it’s up to legendary black belt neurosurgeon Dr. Karate and the rest of the Fist Puncher team to deliver old-school justice to the lawless streets.Key Features 19 playable characters, including the all-new Farooq and Omar the Red New super challenging "They Live" mode Assign “RPG-lite” skill points to level up your crew as you play Each fighter has a unique set of moves and perks to unlock 50 levels of mayhem Packed with collectibles, Easter Eggs, and secrets 99 achievement trading cards to find, plus Steam Trading Cards support 2-4 players simultaneous local co-op action


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