Best Minecraft Arrows

Written 5th Nov 2020 by GameGator

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Minecraft has evolved a lot over the years, and one of the most useful additions comes in the form of powered-up arrows. These arrows allow you to apply many different effects to enemies, allies, or even yourself, and all of them are based on the potions already in the game.

There are currently 22 tipped arrows you can make, and some of them are much better than others, so here we are listing the best minecraft arrows. Certain arrows are only available on Java edition, and others are only on Bedrock, so this list focuses on the tipped arrows that are available on both platforms.

5. Arrows of Poison

Starting off the list are the Arrows of Poison, which are great projectiles to carry with you whenever you'll encounter enemies. When a player or mob is hit with one of these arrows, the Poison debuff is applied to them for 11 seconds.

These arrows are most effective against human opponents, although they'll never reduce the number of hearts past 1. They are best used to lower the opponents health enough to take them out with a more damaging arrow.

4. Arrows of Harming

If you're looking to maximize your damage output per arrow, then Arrows of Harming are the best ones to use. With an Arrow of Harming II, you can deal 12 damage to an enemy, not including the 10 damage you get from a fully charged bow shot.

One thing you should know about Arrows of Harming is that they heal undead mobs, such as zombies. But, there is another arrow later on this list that can combat that negative effect.

These arrows are the closest thing you can get to being a sniper in Minecraft, and can be combined with Arrows of Poison to give you the greatest chance of dropping your target.

3. Arrows of Weakness

An Arrow of Weakness will lower enemies' attack power, making it harder for them to damage you. These are best utilized by hitting an enemy with them first, and then attacking them with a more damaging arrow like Poison or Harming.

No matter who or what your opponent is, a few of these are always great to use since they give you the upper hand. What's great about them is that you only need to craft a couple of them, as you only need to apply the effect at the beginning of the fight.

2. Arrows of Slowness

The Arrow of Slowness is a great choice if you need to make a fast getaway, or don't have enough weapons to take the enemy head on. Whether you're being pursued by a player or swamped by a horde of zombies, this can help you get a head start on your escape.

Like Arrows of Weakness, they're best utilized at the beginning of the fight to give yourself a greater chance of winning. Whether you decide to fight or flee, Arrows of Slowness will always have your back.

1. Arrows of Healing

Arrows of Healing are definitely some of the best tipped arrows for several reasons. Since undead enemies aren't damaged by Arrows of Harming, they are actually damaged by Healing.

Besides being great for undead mobs, they are perfect for supporting your friends or animals. Fire one of these Healing arrows at your wolves to help them survive longer in battle, or at your friend who fell down a ravine.

In a pinch, you can actually fire the bow straight up and heal yourself, making Arrows of Healing the most versatile on the list. Wherever you go, be sure to always have a couple of these arrows on hand.

With this guide you will be perfectly prepared for every bow fight and attack scenario in minecraft. So load up your minecraft arrows and get ready!