Beyond Good & Evil 2: New trailer and old friends

Written 13th Jun 2018 by GameGator

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The sequel to Michel Ancel's cult title announced last year was just presented with a new cinematic trailer taking place in snow-covered areas and space.

The two characters known from the first trailer are part of your pirate crew, such as the ship's doctor Uma, the engineer Callum or the cook Pey'j - yes, our favourite pig is also there. This time around, however, he is clearly younger, since the title plays at the end of the 24th century - in contrast to part 1, which took place in the year 2435.

When the pirate team is suddenly attacked and boarded by a huge ship, the "villain" behind it is revealed at the very end: It is Jade, the protagonist of the first part! Nonetheless, the trailer sadly does not reveal, why the young girl is in such a bad mood, or why she is tampering with a katana.

But that's not all! In a second short video, we were able to take an even closer look at the gameplay. It was particularly noticeable that the transitions between vehicle or spaceship sequences and classic action-adventure gameplay are smooth, as the developers emphasized many times. Another interesting fact: Beyond Good & Evil 2 can be experienced not only as a solo adventure, but also in co-op mode.

We hope you are as hyped as we are for this game, you can also watch the full E3 Conference Presentation here:

The release period for Beyond Good & Evil 2 is set for 2019.


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