Watch Dogs Legion promises huge replay value

Written 30th Jul 2019 by GameGator

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Watch Dogs Legion was announced at E3 2019 and represents the next offshoot of the Open World franchise by Ubisoft. The keyword for the game is Legion, as you are not only experiencing the game with one main character but with any of the more than 9 million NPC's and their abilities. This is an impressive achievement, as each character will have a unique personality and an entirely personal story. To further the possibilities and to expand the game's replay value, Creative Director Clint Hocking has now announced, that the game will have 20 different scripts available. Thus, players will always get to see a new story with different characters and sequences every time they choose to play the game.

Watch Dogs Legion bike chase
Recruit fresh NPC's as backups in case you die.Image: Ubisoft

How often can you play Watch Dogs Legion?

In virtual London, each player will experience a unique story, as the 20 different script versions make sure to offer different characters, different personas, diverse voices, and different actions. Ubisoft uses technology to change all the sounds in the game, making no NPC talk the same way. Photogrammetry was then used to capture dozens of different human faces and combine them into thousands of unique heads using innovative animation techniques. In other words: Once you have played through Legion, the adventure is far from over.

As the game will not have a fixed protagonist, one of the selling points is undoubtedly the fact that the game is extremely diverse and complex. The sounds, the characters, the stories - all different and, according to Ubisoft, structured so that you can play the game at least twenty times without getting bored. But even without a real main character, the story in Watch Dogs Legion is meant to play an important role - it is not allowed to come to a standstill after one of your characters dies. The missions, dialogues, and cutscenes have, therefore, been designed to work with any playable NPC's. There is no classic game-over screen when one of your characters bites the dust - instead, the game uses a permadeath mechanism: Your dead character disappears from the game world. Watch Dogs Legion releases on the 6th March 2020, for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia.