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War Thunder: Wreak havoc in combat helicopters

War Thunder: Wreak havoc in combat helicopters

War Thunder: Wreak havoc in combat helicopters Thumbnail

The military MMO War Thunder lets you control tanks, aeroplanes, and - in the beta - even ships. With the next major update, the developers of Gaijin Entertainment want to introduce combat helicopters into the free-to-play game. The news was announced with a first trailer that alludes to the legendary helicopter scene from the film Apocalypse Now.

The advantages of helicopters are obvious

Helicopters are highly mobile and manoeuvrable aircraft and, unlike aeroplanes, can float in place and take cover behind mountains or forests.They are armed with big machine guns, unguided and also guided missiles, enabling them to emerge fast behind cover and attack ground targets with devastating strikes.

However, even with all their power, helicopters are still very weak against flak cannons. Even massive machines like the massive MI-24 cannot withstand concentrated fire for too long, while light machines like the Cobra are blown out of the sky even faster. Therefore, as a successful helicopter pilot, you will have to be very careful.

War Thunder: Planes engaging in a dogfight.


Gaijin Entertainment wants to make sure that the new flying vehicles do not literally break the balance of the game. Therefore, helicopters certainly have their own drawbacks. They are not as fast as planes and can be easily hit, even with tank guns. Flak vehicles and air defence missiles can also wreak havoc, while aeroplanes can sweep helicopters out of the sky in hit-and-run attacks. Enemy helicopters will also be waiting to take on you and your comrades.

To get a helicopter, players must at least have one plane or tank in rank 5. In combat, you can then unlock the helicopters by earning enough kills and points. The developers are not sure yet if there will be a pure air combat mode with helicopters. After all, in reality, there have been hardly any battles between helicopter squadrons so far.

For the beginning, the developers want to offer helicopters from the USA and the Soviet Union, including:

UH-1C and Mi-4AV

Converted transport helicopters with retrofitted missiles and cannons.

3d model of UH-1C Helicopter.

AH-1F Cobra

A full-fledged combat helicopter that is small, manoeuvrable and deadly.

3d model of AH-1F Cobra Helicopter.


This heavy Russian fighting helicopter is on one hand heavily armoured and fast, but on the other hand not very manoeuvrable.

3d model of Mi-24V Helicopter.
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