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Fear the Wolves - Fresh Battle Royale & Beta

Fear the Wolves - Fresh Battle Royale & Beta

Fear the Wolves - Fresh Battle Royale & Beta Thumbnail

Fear the Wolves, the upcoming battle Royale game from the makers of Stalker, is about to start its beta.

Fear the Wolves?

Fear the Wolves is a battle Royale game á la PUBG or Fortnite. But since the developers of Vostok Games have their own ideas for the genre, they have set themselves the goal of adding typical stalker elements to the well-known Battle Royale concept.

While players must not only defend themselves against 99 other combatants, they also have to deal with mutated wolf beasts and inexplicable anomalies. Radioactivity is a constant threat and only a helicopter can save the player, bringing victory.

Fear the Wolves sniper

Weather effects and day/night changes

Vostok Games also pays special attention to the dynamic environment. The irregularly expanding radioactivity (comparable to the regularly approaching blue zone in PUBG) can worsen the condition of areas, so that they can only be entered with adequate protective clothing (gas masks and special clothing). In this way, the developers want to reach a strategic depth, as some counterparties can be bypassed or even flanked.

The game will play in Chernobyl, complete with its radiation and anomalies á la Stalker. Players will also need to watch out for PvE opponents who will regularly attack you during Battle Royale, including werewolves.

Fear the Wolves weapon

What can be expected from the early access version?

• A battle-royal experience for 100 players, with both solo and group modes• More than 20 rifles with more than 25 additional devices, more than 15 protective suits, supply drops, tools• Packs of wolves track players and are a deadly danger, while anomalies caused by the disaster must also be avoided in order to survive• A 25 km² map in the ruins of Chernobyl, with rivers, forests, destroyed villages, secret military camps and much more• Dynamic, voting-based weather system: The weather in Chernobyl is constantly changing: There are clear days, harsh winds, thunderstorms - voted on by players and spectators of a match• Abandoned but working jeeps - a noisy and conspicuous, but also fast way to escape dangerous areas• Radiation spreads randomly and unevenly across the battlefield• At the end of each game, there is a dramatic final between the last remaining players fighting for a place in the helicopter

Fear the Wolves screenshot

Beta registration already possible

If you want to test Fear the Wolves yourself, you will soon have the opportunity to do so in the beta. You can sign up for it here.

Unfortunately, the developers have not yet said anything about the starting date of the beta. But since the PC version is scheduled for release in 2018, it shouldn't be too long now. The console version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will follow next year.

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