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Watch Dogs Legion: One for all, all for one?

Watch Dogs Legion: One for all, all for one?

Watch Dogs Legion: One for all, all for one? Thumbnail

In Watch Dogs Legion, your task is to find and recruit new agents to build up a team of resistance called Dedsec. The game plays in a near dystopian future version of London, it is a post-Brexit world in which society, politics and technology have changed and transformed the city's environment. Players will be able to take on the role of any NPC, whether hipster, punk or elderly lady you meet in the open world. Every person, no matter how they look on the outside, may have special abilities hidden inside them. From a retired MI6 agent, to a brilliant hacker and an illegal street racer, anyone you see can join your team.

To find a new member, you can simply hack a person on the street and see what he is like, what special perks or disadvantages he possesses and what he thinks about Dedsec. Depending on the existing sympathy, more or less persuasion work has to be done to attract someone to your side. In the end, however, this process always results in a mission for said character.

Watch Dogs Legion bike chase
Become any NPC in the game world. Each one has unique abilities, but also disadvantages.Image: Ubisoft

Who only needs one protagonist?

Each character will have their own animations, speech, character skills and appearance based on the game system. According to Ubisoft, each inhabitant is fully simulated individually and has unique gameplay features based on their profile. As soon as a character joins the team, you are able to select their class, level them up or unlock new abilities and upgrades. Whether you choose the character to be a Hacker, Infiltrator or Enforcer, each unlock will have its unique benefits to adjust each member to your playing style - further customisations also include special outfits and legendary masks.

Once you have set up your team, you can easily switch between individual characters and choose the one with the right abilities for your mission. In Watch Dogs Legion, the player's decisions have real consequences. When non-lethal force is used, the enemy will try to overwhelm and arrest the player. But if you decide to shoot, you will risk your character being wounded or even killed for good.

Watch Dogs Legion Spider robot
Hacking is not the only ability you have.Image: Ubisoft

A total of almost 60 missions await you within the framework of five storylines, and you can use the technical infrastructure of London to your advantage and capture armed combat drones, unleash camouflaged spider robots, or unnerve enemies with an augmented reality cape.

The city looks pretty realistic, definitely not clinically empty. The huge open game world includes many well-known sights, like the Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, Camden, Picadilly Circus or the London Eye. The brand-new melee system and a wide variety of weapons and skills allow you to choose how you want to fight your war. An online mode will allow you to combine your powers with up to three of your friends, allowing you to explore the game world together or face unique co-op challenges.

Watch Dogs Legion will be released on the 6th of March, 2020, on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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