Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: Snow map leaked

Written 10th Sep 2018 by GameGator

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: Snow map leaked Thumbnail

While the developers of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds had already announced a new map at E3 2018, data miners have now discovered the layouts of the new map while browsing the source code of the game. The map is covered in snow and planned for a Christmas season release.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: Leaked photo of snow map.

Dihor Otok

If the information on the pictures is correct, the land area of the snow map is 36 square meters - which makes it 64 square meters with the surrounding water. This would make the land area smaller than Erangel (64 square metres in total), but larger than Sanhok (16 square metres in total).

The map seemingly consists of two parts - separated by a river, offering a snow-covered mountain range in the northwest (probably including a volcanic crater) and a small part of tundra in the south. Trees and vegetation seem to be missing or very scarce. In general, the map looks very mountainous with spurs stretching to the south.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: Leaked photo of cities on Dihor Otok.

Dino park, Castle, Conquest & Night mode?

Beside the topographical map, there is also a city map with the routes and the settlements. Besides many small farms and settlements, there are also villages and cities as well as special objects. In the northeast, for example, you can see a harbour. There is also talk of a dino park, which is equipped with a maze, and the map is also supposed to feature its own castle. Furthermore, special weather conditions were found in the data of the game, which are pointing towards a night mode. The reason for this being a file called Weather_Night.umap.

There is also talk of a new game mode called Conquest, which is not likely to be a permanent game mode. More concrete hints point to new explosives, like C4, which are sure to open some new possibilities. There will also be a new car, which looks to be based on a beetle.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: Leaked photo of Beetle.

The fact that the data has now been found in the code shows that the work is progressing rapidly and we are hoping for a 2018 release.

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