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Which Destiny 2 class you should choose!

Which Destiny 2 class you should choose!

Which Destiny 2 class you should choose! Thumbnail

Choosing your starting class can be a hard choice because you’ll be spending an awful lot of time with that character.

You can easily spend over 200 hours with a single character if you enjoy the game enough, and now that the game is totally free for anyone, Bungie is constantly adding new content to the game. But the question you should be asking yourself is, “what class should I start with?”

If you have played the previous Destiny, then you might have a good idea of which class to choose, because the both games’ classes have relatively the same way of playing. If you are new to the game and are not exactly sure which one to choose, then try playing with each of the given classes for a bit to see which one you like exactly.

If you don’t know, just experiment to find the best one that fits your playstyle.


Destiny 2 Hunter

Image: JoinTheBattle @ Imgur

“Hunters once prowled the wilderness and wastelands, taking big risks for even bigger rewards. You're no outlaw—at least, not anymore—but making your own luck has always meant bending the rules. Your unique brand of daring and ingenuity is needed now more than ever.” - Destiny 2 Hunter description

The Hunter is a very interesting class because it is the only class that has a double jump rather than a glide or boost. Although, you can upgrade to a triple jump, you can’t glide at all with this class.

The hunter is fast, agile, and uses more stealth than the other two classes, and also has a bunch of unique subclasses to unlock. Keep in mind that you will only get one subclass, and you will get the other two at later levels.

One of the super abilities for the Hunter turns you invisible, so this class is probably the best if you are playing Crucible. One thing that most people do as Hunter though is use melee way too much. That is not what you should do.

Play this class knowing exactly what your next move is because it is by far the fastest class of them all. If you enjoy being fast and stealthy, then go right ahead and choose the Hunter class.


Destiny 2 Titan

Image: JoinTheBattle @ Imgur

“The first Titans built the Wall, and gave their lives to defend it. Now, you stand in the same high place, steadfast and sure, protecting all who shelter in your shadow. You hail from a long line of heroes, forged from strength and sacrifice. Our enemies may be deadly and merciless, but so are you.” - Destiny 2 Titan description

The Titan is the hulk of Destiny 2. They are known for being brutes and use their strength to defeat their enemies. They are also super helpful to have on a fireteam because of their buffs and defense for their team against pretty much any enemy in the game.

You can put down shields and even allow teammates to recover in dicey situations. Each fireteam needs at least one from each class because all three working together can mean surviving the boss fight ahead of you.

If you are going to use this class, I would highly recommend trying to get all the subclasses for them because they are all good for different things. Also, if you own the Forsaken or Beyond Light DLCs, then you will get better and better power-ups to use at your disposal.

Make sure to maximize each class so you can get the potential each one has for you. With the TItan, if you like being a Brute and destroying everything in your path, then this is the class for you.


Destiny 2 Warlock

Image: JoinTheBattle @ Imgur

“Warlocks have long studied the Traveler, mastering some of its arcane energies. Its true purpose still remains a great mystery, but discovering truth has always driven you into the unknown. Now, our enemies stand between you and your greatest discovery – the secrets of the Golden Age.” - Destiny 2 Warlock description

The Warlock is the wizard of Destiny 2. You use special powers and abilities to complete your every task, and you also have a really cool melee where you literally use the force with different abilities. Same as before, you are going to need one of these on your fireteam because they can place down healing rifts and damage rifts to help them and the rest of the team. If you use the right abilities, this class can be extremely overpowered.

One super ability that I think is really cool is the Arc super. You basically float in the air while electricity flows around your body. You can then electrocute all enemies around you almost like an insane version of Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. The Warlock has some great abilities and is a great choice for starter players. If you like having more powers and almost floating like a wizard, then the Warlock is a great choice for you.

Does your class actually matter?

The class you choose does actually matter. If you are going to play by yourself most of the time, you might want a class that is the best fit for solo play. If you are going to play in a fireteam a lot, then choose the class that best fits the fireteam’s playstyle.

The class you choose at the beginning depends both on what your main goal is and also what brings you the most enjoyment. There were a few missions that were easier with one class and extremely difficult with another, but that shouldn’t deter you from choosing specific classes.

Do the research on each of the classes because choosing one is actually a big deal. You will be spending a lot of time with that character so make sure you make the wise choice. Not counting weapons, all three of the classes are relatively the same, with the exception of the Exotics and abilities. Just make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into when you first start Destiny 2.

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