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How To Get Better at Rocket League: The Ultimate Guide

How To Get Better at Rocket League: The Ultimate Guide

How To Get Better at Rocket League: The Ultimate Guide Thumbnail

Since its release in 2015, developer Psyonix’s Rocket League has become a standout game in this past console generation. Furthermore, 2021 marks the game’s fifth year as an official eSport. Have you considered going pro but don’t know where to start?

To get better at Rocket League, you need to break down gameplay one piece at a time. Review car controls to master the reflexes and shorthand terms you need to learn advanced techniques. From there, you can start practicing actions like dribbling and aerials. Then, test your skills in a 1v1 game!

Read on to learn how to get better at Rocket League.

Review Car Control

You can’t walk before you learn to crawl. Likewise, in Rocket League, you can’t score before you know how to drive. Even if you have played through the tutorial a hundred times, it is never a bad idea to review car controls and use them to your advantage in the game. So, let’s go back to driving school!

Before we get started, here is a table that you can reference back to for default button mapping:

Competing sellers on Eneba
Rocket League default button mappingFandom: Rocket League Wiki | Controls

Basic Moves

Whether they be strategy games like Starcraft, FPSs like Overwatch, or fighting games like Street Fighter, competitive video games require a mastery of basic controls. Rocket League is no different. Never take basic car controls for granted because they are the building blocks of the whole game! Here’s a review of basic moves.

Advanced Moves

Once you have gotten the hang of basic moves, you are ready to move on to advanced maneuvers. The three advanced moves below build upon the fundamental moves we just reviewed. Head over to the tutorial or free play and give these moves a spin!

Practice Dribbling

Once you master basic and advanced move-sets, it is time to move on to technique. If you are familiar with sports like basketball or soccer (AKA football for those outside of the US), then you probably have heard the term ‘dribbling’ before. Like the sports the game is modeled after, Rocket League has its style of dribbling.

Dribbling is essential in Rocket League because it gives you control of the ball. With more control comes fewer opportunities for opponents to intercept, more openings to pass the ball to teammates, and a smoother transition into flicks.

There are two ways to dribble the ball in Rocket League. The easier option is to dribble on the ground. This dribble is easier to perform but easier to read and defend against as well. However, you can improve your ground dribble by adding in some faking to throw opponents off.

Your other option is to dribble the ball on the top of your vehicle. This dribble is harder to perform but gives a higher reward. Topside dribbles provide more play options, an easier transition into a flick, and are harder to defend.

To start a topside dribble, gently touch the ball so it rises ever so slightly in the air and then position yourself under it. Use the white ball guide arrow to inform how to place your vehicle so you do not lose control of the ball.

Practice Aerials

Aerials are an expert technique, and you should take your time before attempting them. It will likely take hundreds of hours of practice before you feel comfortable with this function. Furthermore, even making contact with the ball, in the beginning, is a significant first step. However, once you master this skill, you will be ready to play against high-ranking players.

Here is how to perform a boost: jump, then boost in the ball’s direction while you are in midair. You can use a second jump to dodge into the ball and add extra oomph to your contact hit. Most aerial maneuvers only require 20 to 30 boost to perform. However, it is unwise to go for an aerial unless you know you have the boost to back it up. Otherwise, you are handing the ball to your competition.

As you become more comfortable with aerials, you can try performing aerials with the power glide button. This button’s quick steering can make for some great flicks that will send the ball exactly where you want it to go!

Test Your Skills in a 1v1 Game

Now that we have addressed controls and techniques let’s talk strategy. A great way to test your skills is in a one-on-one battle where there are no extra opponent players to keep track of and no teammates to cover your flaws. Here are a few tips for a 1v1 strategy:

Final Thoughts

In short, getting better at Rocket League requires a strong familiarity with the game’s mechanics. Rushing into advanced techniques will make gameplay less enjoyable and more confusing.

However, suppose you dedicate time and patience to mastering the basic controls. In that case, you will have a more uncomplicated time learning complex techniques later on. Then you can use 1v1 matches to record where your strengths are and what needs more work.

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