World War 3: The new shooter hope?

Written 25th Jun 2018 by GameGator

World War 3: The new shooter hope? Thumbnail

Everyone knows, that when the E3 ends, Gamescom is close. The German fair is happening soon, and a real shooter hope will also be attending Cologne for the first time.

Leopard tanks in front of the Brandenburg Gate, soldiers with G36 and Panzerfaust. KSK against Polish GROM special forces and Russian specialists. 64, 48 and 32 players on one map. This sounds like the dream come true for all Battlefield 3 fans. And all this from an indie team called The Farm 51, trying to practice a major attack on DICE and Battlefield 5.

Feels like Battlefield, but with German troops

The game we are talking about is World War 3, which was announced as a real shooter hope in the style of a modern battlefield. As the developers of The Farm 51 now confirmed, World War 3 will be on site and playable at the Cologne public fair. This is all the more remarkable because the title was announced only about a month ago.

Overwatch teaser tweet, hero 28?

World War 3 wants to become the big competitor of Battlefield 5 and uses a scenario and especially unit types that are very rare. While even the legendary Operation Métro card from Battlefield 3 is now over seven years old, the polish developers want to advance into this untouched land, with Berlin, Moscow and Warsaw being some of the first unveiled maps.

However, Farm 51 is the studio of Get Even, which is why cautious scepticism is called for. The title could unfortunately not meet the technical expectations of its first demos. According to its own statements, however, Farm 51 has upgraded its crew.

70 developers and military experience

Similar to Bohemia Interactive, the studio develops virtual training scenarios for the Polish army and has trained with elite soldiers of the GROM unit. Now they plan on using this expertise, which is clever: Many, many Battlefield fans would have wished a return to the modern scenario, the servers of Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 are still full.

If you want to find out whether World War 3 manages to fulfil its big expectations, you can find the game on the show floor and try it out for yourself. In addition, several employees of The Farm 51 will be on site to answer questions.