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Afflicted is a thrilling post-apocalyptic shooter with exciting game modes and a cheesy storyline. In the year 2023, the world was gripped by an insatiable hunger for one thing: cheese. Driven by the genius of American cheese tycoon, Dr. Klaus Trueman, Mozzapoly Dairy rapidly rose to dominate markets across the globe. Lactose tolerance hit an all-time high, and Trueman became an international icon. But behind the success, lay a dark secret. Before his cheese venture, Dr. Trueman was a renowned virologist. His cheese-related research led to the creation of a potent chemical compound known as "Zombrie," which could bind itself to dairy products, including cheese. Mozzapoly would go on to distribute the virus, which would remain dormant for years in billions of hosts. Only Dr. Trueman knew what was to come, and he prepared for the worst by fortifying an extraordinary bunker that would sustain a hand-selected group of 100 people for 100 years. Fast forward to 2076, and the bunker community has become restless. Terry Trueman, the grandson of Dr. Trueman, is determined to make things right. With an arsenal of cheese guns and firearms, Terry leads a group of fearless survivors on a mission to confront the dangers lurking outside. Cheese, zombies, guns, and more cheese - it's all about survival. Join Terry and his team as they fight to survive in a world overrun by the Zombrie virus. Don't die, k?


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