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Animal Rivals: Up In The Air is a party game with ridiculous graphics. The game will let you dive into racing courses set in the air. Invite your friends and get together into the addictive quadratic animals world! The game will offer over 100 customizable parts for you to create the most unique airplane this world has ever seen. This is not the end though – every item will have its affect on the airplane, by changing its statistics like speed, braking or turn values, but if you don`t like to sacrifice this gorgeous propeller for the more powerful one you can simply turn off the statistics before a match! You will have an opportunity to choose between 9 animal characters. Each one of them will have its own special weapon not available for the others. Choose between predators like the shark, the tiger, the lazy lion or the muscular rat. You can also choose some clumsy hippo, crab or crocodile, but this is not everything - we have got you covered with some sleepy tortoise and even the gangsta pig! Enjoy the game by playing with AI or bring the friends of yours by playing in local multiplayer mode. You can play up to 4 players locally to find out who is the best pilot in your room! Not getting enough challenge by playing locally? Try the online multiplayer with up to 8 players fighting for the best pilot title! Show them who is the best!


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