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ARC Continuum is a third person action adventure set on Taraan, a desert planet with a mystical energy at its core that powers the ARC - a device that allows you to control and manipulate the fabric of time. Take the role of our hero, Hadrian who is thrust into the midst of a revolution on the rise, where he must master the powers of time to free his people from the bondages of oppression from the evil Kasaar. ARC Continuum entered Steam Greenlight in September 2015 and was approved within a week. Since then we have made immense progress and fine-tuned the gameplay mechanics, the artwork and we are very excited as we move closer to release. Traditionally, multiplayer games have used the client-server model to handle gameplay, artificial intelligence and physics. To support a large user base, companies must maintain large server farms provisioned for maximum throughput — a costly architecture that has a significant impact on your bottom line. Our fault tolerant distributed networking middleware eliminates the need for such server farms. An major advantage of our patent pending technology is the ability to detect cheats, reduce latency and correct network problems in real-time. Arc Continuum will be the first game to debut Akimbo Creations distributed networking middleware technology.


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