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Arcadian Atlas is a 2D isometric tactical RPG about the choices people make in pursuit of the things they love, and the havoc it wreaks on a kingdom. Watch your footing and mind the strategic vantage points as you traverse the richly detailed pixel art world of Arcadia — a single misstep on the battlefield could cost you a friend’s life. Let the moody jazz soundtrack carry you through a thought provoking & ruthless story of love, deceit, murder, companionship and war. Meant to be a fresh take on the classic strategy RPG style, Arcadian Atlas was designed from the ground up to incorporate more challenging battle strategies, new & balanced job classes, and more cutthroat plot twists that'll leave these complex characters' lives hanging in the balance. Featuring dynamic job classes, a rich character driven narrative, strategic grid-based battles and a jazz infused soundtrack, Arcadian Atlas is a lushly handcrafted 2D isometric tactical RPG that takes the rich history of the genre and makes it fresh. The Arcadian royal family is in shambles: a dying king, an illegitimate daughter vying for a throne, and a country tearing itself apart. Every day more eastern troops cross the mountains and pillage local villages, and rumors of an uprising are whispered by desperate men. What a wonderful time to be a soldier. Enter Desmond and Vashti, two soldiers in the Royal Guard who take orders directly from the Queen. They met on the edge of war, fell in love in the face of adversity, and learned to laugh even when things seemed dire. But can love survive when two sides with very different motives threatens to pull it apart? Can anything survive at all?


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