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A collection of short horror games by 12 different creators, all made in 10 days. Includes: Another Late Night (Secret Cow Level) Arcadletra (Vidas Games) Charlotte's Exile (John Szymanski) The Diving Bell (Bathysfear Games) Solipsis (Daniel Mullins Games) Squirrel Stapler (David Szymanski) Sucker for Love (Akabaka) The Thing in the Lake (Panstasz) To the End of Days (Scythe Dev Team) The Toy Shop (Mahelyk) Touched by an Outer God (Wither Studios) Undiscovered (Torple Dook) You find yourself locked in a small room illuminated only by the hazy glow of a single TV. Around you are a collection of tapes, trapped within steel coffins. A strange statue looms in the shadows. An unknown voice breaks the silence. It tells you to check the top of the VCR for a key. You pick it up. You use it to unlock one of the metallic cases. Inside is a tape. You pop the tape into the VCR. Can you survive what happens next? The Dread X Collection 2 follows in the footsteps of the first Dread X Collection. This time we've gathered 12 incredible indie devs and given them just 10 days to realize all new visions of terror. The inspiration this time around was LOVECRAFTING. Does that mean all Lovecraft monsters? Does that mean a crafting game? Does it mean crafting love in a romantic visual novel? You'll just have to play to find out. Step into a world of darkness and discover the secrets you didn't know were right beneath the surface. Get ready to explore 12 horror games made in 10 days that lead up to a narrative experience you didn't expect in Dread X Collection 2. Find the tapes and unlock the mystery inside.


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