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Experience 12 all-new spoopy games made in 10 days exclusively for this unique horror anthology. Explore a mysterious castle that changes as you play. Keep your wits about you as the line between cute and creepy begins to blur. Uncover the next chapter in the ongoing Dread X Collection storyline. Includes: Bete Grise (Amon26) Bubbo: Adventure on Geralds Island (Breogan Hackett) Chip’s Tips (Torple Dook) Disparity of the Dead (Bryce Bucher) EDEN: Garden of the Faultless (Modus Interactive) Matter OVER Mind (Basalt Tower) Nice Screams at the Funfair (Moya Horror) REACTOR (DIRIGO GAMES) SATO WONDERLAND (Nate Berens) Soul Waste (Blood Machine) SPOOKWARE @ The Video Store (Adam Pype & Viktor Kraus) Submission (Corpsepile) Atop a distant mountain, at the end of a long and winding road, a lone castle sits perched above the clouds. The journey was hard and fraught with many perils, but Leo and his live-in alien consciousness Prometheus have finally arrived. As the gate crashes shut behind them, they realize that their quest to return Prometheus to his homeworld might be more difficult than they anticipated. Can you lead this dynamic duo through the many challenges the castle has to offer, beat all 12 of the new spoopy games, and reunite Prometheus with their shattered consciousness?


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