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Fireworks Frenzy is a Small multiplayer fireworks game, with hundreds of fireworks and multiple maps, that tries to give you the experience and the feeling of the beautiful fireworks to blow up stuffs together. The controls of Fireworks Frenzy are really simple. You need to simply move, pick the fireworks from the inventory and place it on the map and ignite. You can also connect, rotate and delete the placed fireworks. You can use either keyboard or controller as input device. With Fireworks Frenzy, you'll have access to a wide variety of colorful and exciting fireworks, from sparkling fountains to booming aerial shells, all designed to help you create the most spectacular firework show possible. There are multiple maps to pick. They are quite huge and each map is unique and you can explore the ones you like. You can also go to the moon or to Mars along with your friends to blow some fireworks and nuke Mars. You can play fireworks frenzy either alone or with your friends. You can also customize your player character based on your preferences and unlock accessories by collecting items from the map. With endless possibilities for creativity and exploration, it's the perfect way to light up your imagination. Fireworks Frenzy is a great game for relaxing, clearing your head for some time, and experience the magic of the fireworks in a whole new way with your friends!


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