Battlefield 5 Microtransactions available in January?

Written 22nd Dec 2018 by GameGator

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DICE and EA are expected to launch the microtransactions in Battlefield V in January, according to recent advertisements on Amazon. It states that the Battlefield V currency can be purchased and redeemed in various volumes starting January 18th, even though an official confirmation is still pending. Before that, however, it was emphasized that the fiasco like in Star Wars: Battlefront II should be avoided this time. Therefore the premium currency can only be used for cosmetic things like skins etc. in the game. This time, EA will completely refrain from providing Loot Boxes, since there are still a lot of discussions about the gambling effect Loot Boxes have.

Company Coin vs Battlefield Currency
The Battlefield Currency will only be for cosmetic items.


What else you need to know about microtransactions:

- In Battlefield V you can get ahead by playing. The more you play, the more progress you will make and the more items you can unlock to equip on your company.

- When it comes to equipment, there's no right answer - just what's right for you, your playing style, and your team's needs.

- There are two types of game currencies. The Company coin is only earned through gameplay. Battlefield Currency is bought with real money.

- Battlefield V is designed to reward how often you play and how well you play. You will never be able to use Battlefield Currency or spend real money to get something that gives you an unfair gameplay advantage.

If nothing more changes in the plans, which have not yet been officially confirmed by EA, but are already visible through Amazon, the players will soon be able to fall back on microtransactions.


Battlefield Currency on Amazon

The currency ''Battlefield Currency'' is obviously offered in different amounts. In the picture above, we see 6000 units at the price of 49.99 US dollars, which is about the price of the main game.
If you are interested in customizing your game heavily, you may be able to do so soon.

Of course, despite all the promises, things can change at any time, as the past has shown on many occasions. However, EA in particular, should now have a better feel for these kinds of things.

In the End, we can just all hope, that Boogie won't be as disapointed, as he was with Battlefront 2.